All-in-One Case Management System

Specifically designed for Addiction Treatment & Residential Care Homes.

Designed to support staff and follow the entire client journey

We will help your entire organisation to save time, become more efficient and become paperless.

GreenShoots is perfect for organisations and businesses, just like yours

Every aspect of the system has been designed for the care industry, ensuring reliability and helping to save administration time.

  • No more paper

    We build in your existing paper templates, enabling your staff to quickly and easily complete them within GreenShoots, saving time and resources.

  • Quickly record client case notes

    Easily record case notes, voice memos, or upload drawings into a clients case note record.

  • CQC, Local Authority & GDPR Compliant

    Security and data compliance was built into GreenShoots on day one and remains one of our most important features.

Access to client data

GreenShoots displays client data in an elegant way, enabling staff to quickly find the information they require.

  • Control Access

    Easily restrict or grant access to client profiles and specific client data via staff user groups and permissions.

  • Profile Picture

    Client profile pictures are quickly and easily uploaded bringing a clients profile to life.

Accurately and quickly record client case notes

Staff can easily type case notes, or record voice memos or upload drawings or diagrams to a clients case note record.

  • Track all interactions

    Whenever staff complete a form, carry out a handover, or a group therapy session, a copy of the notes can be automatically recorded on the clients case record.

  • Filterable Content

    Filter case notes by staff group, or by category.

Electronic Medication & Administration

GreenShoots has a comprehensive medication solution, including MARS sheets and stock control.

  • Stock control & re-ordering

    GreenShoots allows you to easily view stock control levels and automatically notify your pharmacy of orders.

  • MARS Sheets

    GreenShoots automatically creates medication administration record sheets, which include staff & client signatures.

Manage client money, take payments & track contributions

GreenShoots removes the need for an abacus and automates manual tasks.

  • Client contributions

    GreenShoots automatically tracks client contributions daily, enabling a report to be produced in the event a client is discharged early.

  • Payment processing

    GreenShoots has credit/debit card processing built in, enabling you to take client payments and issue receipts all in one system.


We have developed GreenShoots to be quick and easy to use. It is a secure system hosted in the Cloud and the functionality has been designed to support staff in completing their tasks and supporting your clients.

  • Care Planning made easy

    Client Care Plans are created in Client Profiles and can be linked to clients goals, review dates are automatically added to calendars and a copy of the care plan can quickly and easily be emailed to the client care manager.

  • Manage Risk

    Risk Assessments are completed for each individual client within the GreenShoots platform, with review dates automatically added to staff and client calendars.

  • Easy access to client info

    Client Profiles contains all personal information, including contact information for their care manager, probation, next of kin, family & friends, children, doctors, physiatrists, etc all in one central, easily accessible location.

Designed for the mobile world

GreenShoots looks fantastic on your mobile and tablet devices, as well as your PC and Mac desktops.

Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Phone compatible

Your system will look vibrant and clean on any device.

Risk Assessments

Create, manage and monitor risks easily and simply from the accurate GreenShoots risk assessment client tab.

Medication & Administration

Safely and easily record Medication Stock and Administration. Automatically create MARS charts.

Client Finance

Accurately record all client finance information in one central place. Create invoices, take payment and record client cash.